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Stay Cute in Cold Weather

Stay Cute in Cold Weather

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Hello loves. What is happening right now? How cold are you? I am super cold. I have a small fire, aka a candle, burning right by me, I have my green tea and I cranked up the heater just now! It was so hard to wake up this morning! Normally, I'm up and at em' at 5:45am, without a blink I shoot up from the bed and get my day started.  But today, my alarm clock was torture and I kept hitting snooze! I blame it on the cold. 

Pick your favorite flannel top to throw under a cute pullover sweater. You'll get the adorable print punching out just a little to add pizzazz to your look this cold weather season!  

Green Plaid Shirt: similar (HERE
Sweater:  similar (HERE) & (HERE
Grey Leather Jacket: similar  (HERE)  & (HERE
Ripped Boyfriend Jeans: similar (HERE
New Balance Shoes: (HERE

**Remember you don't NEED to have what I do to look beautiful. You probably can do this look with things already from your wardrobe, these are just guidelines to help you find your OWN style that works for you and your budget. 

This Monday morning my hope is to inspire you to take this week by storm! In all ways; working, resting and spending time with family. I pray that you'd be able to be present and grateful! If you have to work a little this week, I hope you give it your all,  even if you're not in the place where you want to be, it's good to work on being content in all situations, giving thanks for all things. I know that for my life, ALL my jobs have ultimately helped me to lean things for my dream job! I am telling you all this in hopes that I will also do the same. It's so easy for me to start complaining and operate from a place of lack rather than abundance! So I've had to TRAIN MY BRAIN to be grateful. It really helps my mood and it positions me in the way of blessings. I know that as a parent, I love when my kids are grateful for what they have and what we do for them. It makes me want to do even more and I am not God, nor perfect, so just imagine how God feels and how much more He wants to do for a person who is grateful.  On the other hand, when my kids keep whining and having bad  attitudes, I want to put them in jail and pick them up when they're 18! It takes every cell in my body to not snap and say, "Do you know how blessed you are you little ungrateful bleep, bleep, bleep." And then I look at my heart and see how ungrateful I've been. It's humbling to see my horrible attitude displayed in my children. Anyway, our attitudes make a world of a difference. God is perfect, he is far more patient than me and he would never sin like I often do when my kids are driving me up the wall with ungratefulness. However, I can imagine that God still delights in a child that is grateful in all circumstances because in essence what I am saying to Him at that time, is that I trust His plan for my life, and I trust that he will bless me. So this week, I'ma work on my attitude of gratitude, even if I burn my turkey, which WON'T happen, because I'm amazing. Or maybe because we are making pre-made trip tip. LOL

I love you so much! Have a great week whatever it is that you're doing! Thanks for reading! 

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