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What Should I Make For Dinner? | My Favorite Food Bloggers

What Should I Make For Dinner? | My Favorite Food Bloggers


Beloved friends!! This week I thought I would share with you some of my favorite food bloggers that I love going to for inspiration on what to cook my family for dinner!! I think you’ll love them as well!

I love making food! I even more so, love making super nutritious and delicious food that our family can enjoy together. Perhaps you’ve got time on your hands to make meals and this is a form of art to you, OR you are in a hurry to get some meals prepared and ready to go for the week; these ladies will have something for you that can answer the questions I get a lot, “Moooooooom, what’s for dinner?”

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Health Nut NUTRITION helps me with the quick and easy recipes when life is a little more chaotic. Nikole’s personable approach to healthy food is inspiring! She has really inspired me to drink lots of green smoothies and to meal prep like a champ!

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Halfbaked HARVEST helped me get out of my Kitchen funk in December last year. Tieghan’s amazing cookbook got sent to me via a PR package ! As I delighted in the gorgeous photos of her dishes, I started to feel inspired and excited to cook again! Her recipes remind me to cook with a full heart!

Pick Up Limes is one of my favorite places I go when I need a gentle reminder to be kind to myself about the food I’m eating. Sadia, reminds me to be intentional when I eat. Her vegan inspired recipes have me on a love for wholesome foods that I had never know!

There is something to be said about breaking bread with people you love. I love cooking, however, it didn’t start that way. My mother would tell me, “Mija, no one is going to marry you if you don’t know how to cook.” To which I would respond. “Oh yeah?! Well, I’ma find me a man who cooks for me, okay, Mami!” And I did. But that man was so kind and loving he led me to enjoy cooking with him and now I am a lover of all things kitchen. At the beginning of my solo kitchen adventures, I gravitated to treats!! Anybody else loved, Bakerella? Yeah, me too!! hahaha! There was something so magical about following a recipe to the T and then ending up with an amazingly delicious finished product.

When I became a stay-at-home-mom, my husband would come home to find out cupcakes where the main food group for dinner. Then cookies. Then cake pops! Then Oreo truffles! Then failed macarons, and again failed macarons, then again failed macarons. People who get Macarons right really need to be on a golden list of achievement, I tell ya! Then cheesecake. After recovering from my failed macaron attempts I nailed down a cheesecake recipe that is so bomb! And as much as Doug loved his sweet treats one day when he got home from work, he sweetly looked into my eyes and whispered. “Honey, I love you…. I loooooooooove your cheesecake, so much. Don’t ever stop making it.. But (hesitation on his breath) can you please try making some actual food for dinner?”

He was so kind about it that I started my quest on becoming the best little chef I possibly could. Sometimes, I make believe I’m on Chopped and I race the clock to get the ingredients out of the pantry. Sweat-in-brow and no-one watching, I laugh at myself and still get a kick of enjoying my time in the kitchen. I have found a new love and art form in making dinner for my family. It is a pleasure to see them eating the food it took me three hours to make in 5 minutes! Now and again I’ll hear a kid saying, “This was the worst thing I ever ate, momma.” Oh well, you can’t win them all. But here’s my motto. I don’t cook to find my worth, or for my family to shower me with compliments. I cook because I want to serve them and create art with my life. I leave the criticism of my 5 year old to her and don’t take it personally when they don’t like what I’ve made. They still have it eat it some no-thank you- bites to honor my time! Unless it’s that one crockpot meal that will go down as, the-grossest-thing-I’ve-ever-put-in-my-mouth-or-in-the-mouths-of-anyone-else, meal that we’ll never speak of. The one that got thrown out and replaced by PB&J’s ! I will say, there have been moments where I kill it and the whole table goes bananas and shouts, “You are the best cook in zeeee world.” and I let it sink in a little. I know that a meal doesn’t make or brake my value, but I do enjoy when my loves enjoy what I’ve made!

I think above the food, I primarily love creating an atmosphere in my home of being intentional about breaking bread together. Gathering and talking to each-other about our day in front of a meal is important to me. The memories that our family have built around this table are ones for the history books. I think it’s important to share in these moments with our loved ones because everything else can be so fast-paced. Sitting and eating with one-another fills us with so much joy! So whatever your team or tribe or clan looks like; I pray you’d gather them and tell them how much you love them while you enjoy some bomb food from these beautiful food bloggers. I think they will inspire the living daylights out fo you! How do you get inspired to cook?!

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