An Adorable Outfit For Valentine's/ Galentine's Day


Loves. How goes it? I hope well! I am doing good today. Had a rough week, ya'll. Had to work on a lot of personal stuff and it was painful, but worth it!

Oh wow, I haven't written in ages!! LOL!  Well, for about a few days, but in internet time that's a lot, right? You know they say, sometimes to become more creative, you have to pause and let God prune the crap out. Oh, wait. I think I just made that up. But seriously. I was talking MYself too seriously, thinking what I was producing for you guys wasn't "good enough". I had to take a step back and pray UP,  allow the grace that comes from God to wrap me in HIS security, love, and acceptance. Remind myself why I started this whole thing. Reevaluate my motives. Now, I am back, feeling refreshed and truly authentic. Which is way better than forced, am I right or I am wrong? I am wrong a lot of times, but thank God that his truth never fails. Okay, let's get to the style portion of this blog. 

This is an outfit I am really digging this week! I wanted to give you ideas to wear for your celebrations of love this month, come on now, let's celebrate the love God has for us, no matter what earthly relationships we have! He is ultimately the only one who can fulfill our hearts in the way we truly desire.

So here's one outfit idea for you, if you don't like pink, you can do red! I also really wanted to wear my black turtleneck. They are in, ya'll. You can wear them under things that have no sleeves to give it an elevated look and be warm and cozy. I liked pairing it with this crew neck sweater, but you can do a summer dress with leggings, a vest, a sleeveless sweater, a sleeveless coat! I loved the way the shirt around my waist felt and looked. It just gave my outfit an edge and helped me out, on the back side of me, if you know what. This turtleneck and sweater weren't long like I usually will wear with tight something-or-others  But with the shirt wrapped around my waist,  I felt comfortable to wear these, ever-so-tight, leggings! Can I get an, Amen!? Alright, sister. Play with your clothes. Let's be grateful for what we already have, loves. Don't you ever for one second entertain the thought that you need what I have to look chic and beautiful. The trick to being content with our own things is gratitude. We will never attain enough if we aren't happy with what we have now. Preaching to myself. Preaching to myself. Lord help me enjoy the clothes in my own closet and have the creativity to recycle-reduce-reuse. 

Black Wool Coat: similar (HERE)
Black Turtleneck Shirt:  (HERE
Pink Sweater: similar (HERE
Plaid Shirt: similar (HERE
Black Faux-Leather Leggings: (HERE)
Black Beanie: similar (HERE
Black Pumps: similar (HERE) & (HERE

**Remember you don't need to have what I do to look beautiful. You probably can do this look with things already from your wardrobe, these are just guidelines to help you find your OWN style that works for you and your budget.

I love you, thank you for stoping by!