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Gray Trench & Beanie

Gray Trench & Beanie


Hello loves. It's FRIDAY!! Yay. How are you spending your weekend?? 

Accessories make a huge difference friends! I love to work with a very neutral and basic outfit and just accessorize the heck out of it. Choosing the colors that make me happy that day! I hope you get adventurous with your accessories this weekend,

Black Sweatersimilar (HERE)
Grey Trench Coat:  similar (HERE
Black Boots : similar (HERE
Distressed Jeans: FAVORITE JEANS! (HERE)  
Grey Beanie With Pom: similar (HERE

**Remember you don't NEED to have what I do to look beautiful. You probably can do this look with things already from your wardrobe, these are just guidelines to help you find your OWN style that works for you and your budget.

I am in a season in life where not much is going wrong, in fact a lot of fun things are happening in my life. It always makes me laugh that no matter where I'm at, I am always in the great need of humbling myself to God. When things are going well, I can be deceived into the trap of self-sufficiency. I start feeling like I can put my guard down and don't need to pray as much. That's why I've come to really rejoice when I go through hardship. Even when I'm having a TERRIBLE day and everything is going wrong, I love to thank God for that struggle, because I know that he always brings a blessing from my hardships, and I am able to experience Him in a way I hadn't before.  So It's hard when life "seems" to just be on cruise control. This is, I believe, the time when I should be praying more to feel the presence of God and to be able to be grateful and enjoy this time without chaos. And equally important to pray for my arrogance and pride to not stand in the way of knowing Him better.

 In this easy season in my life, I found myself feeling apathetic and without as much hope as I had, when things were really difficult. I don't want you to think that I don't like to be in times of ease,I do, but I don't want to stay stagnant in my life, faith or personal growth. I KNOW that I personally don't learn a whole lot from easy times. I do need to learn to enjoy them a whole lot more, but I need to also remember to pray through those times, and not to wait until I have a catastrophe to go to my knees. What a wonderful life this is, it is full of ups and downs, but one thing remains. The love of God for us is a constant that can never be taken from us. He will always remain faithful. He can NOT go back on His word. He is going to finish the work that He started in you. I hope today, my love, that you would know His love. In whatever season you might be in. I pray that you feel Him and you get to know Him a in a whole different way, because it is so worth it!

In this season I've learned that the ordinary can become extraordinary, when I ask God for the eyes of my heart to become enlightened. I love to see the ordinary "little" gifts that He's placed before my day. Sometimes when I'm too much in a hurry, I miss those divine moments that cause my soul to jump of joy. He is the only one that can satisfy my longing soul and I thirst for Him, no matter which season I am in. There is something about going into His presence and just BEING all that I am before Him. I know that in the deepest recesses of my heart there are MANY things I still need healing for and from, so even when things seem good, I still benefit form laying myself before the throne of grace and let the sweet balm of his healing power massage my broken heart. It is in this very special place that I can come undone and be the Libier He created me to be. Strengths and weaknesses. Loved without a second thought by His perfect love. My prayer recently has been to have his love so deeply rooted in my heart that I could actually open up my whole heart to Him. I've been so hurt that it has taken a lot to trust God and let him in. I know that in some ways I'm still hanging on to walls of protection. I've been praying that God would gently bulldoze those walls of fear and distrust, so that He could have a spacious and pure dwelling place for Him. I want to say yes to all that He has for me, so I have to say, no, to a lot of my flesh. But I'd rather lose my life to find it in Him, than to gain the world.

love you, darling. I hope you KNOW how loved you are! I pray you would open the walls of your heart too. We will not be disappointed. He will carry us. Always. 

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