Comfy Winter Workout Outfit | Ready To Dance, Vlog

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Hello!! How are you my loves!? Is this your first time here?? Oh my word, we welcome you with open arms! If you're a returning lovie, please let me squeeze you a little tighter! Thank you for your readership! This morning was so fun for me. I collaborated with my friend Elizabeth from Fancy Feet and we did an hour dance session. #DanceEveryDayOfJan is in full effect for me, and although I haven't been good with keeping up every single day, I've loved every time I HAVE danced. Make sure you check out my VLOG from this morning so you can see me dance!

This morning, I had to be ready to do errands and be dance-ready as well. I opted for a very comfortable yet chic look. I hope you love it as much as I do! 

I love to have an outfit be versatile. A toofer, (too for one),  if you know what I mean! I can throw on my leggings and combat boots and be out the door looking decent and yet, comfortable enough to bust a move. I love layering pieces on top of each other and seeing how many layers I can get away with as well! 

Let me know if this inspires your style,  If it did, tag me on INSTAGRAM so I can see!!! 

Have you seen me in action? I play a ninja, I'd love for you to see the trailer of my movie! Watch right HERE 

The Most Adorable Heart Sweater: (HERE)
Black Puffer Coat:  similar (HERE
Black Combat Boots: similar (HERE
Long Shirt: similar (HERE) & (HERE
Black Leggings:  (HERE)  
Tan Weekend Bag: similar (HERE

**Remember you don't NEED to have what I do to look beautiful. You probably can do this look with things already from your wardrobe, these are just guidelines to help you find your OWN style that works for you and your budget.


Today was an important day for me. I learned that there is nothing more important than being ME. Doing the things that give my little ticker a jolt of joy, is crucial to living LIFE BIG, not afraid of living or dying.  One of which is dancing, I love to dance. I can't explain in words what I feel when I'm dancing or on a stage performing. It is the happiest place on earth!  I just feel so ALIVE. Unfortunately, life and it's hard knocks have discouraged this little old lady to not go after that which my heart knows it was made to do. Well, I've lived in fear for far too long to continue to let that stand in the way of my destiny.

In my childhood  I danced because I didn't know how NOT to, I heard music and it went time. I didn't care what people thought about my art. it was just who I was. As a teenager we didn't have the money to take classes, so I didn't. Actually, from the moment we moved to America from Mexico, I stopped being able to afford dance class, and I was eight years old. My fire and passion for dance were seriously ignited again my senior year of High School when I did my first musical with lots of cool moves. Since then, in my early twenties, I believed I HAD to move to New York or LA to be a BIG star. So I did. And guess what? I didn't become one. What I did become was terrified of ever following my dreams. I came back hurt, defeated, and jaded. I stopped dancing and acting.  

Well, I am back, baby! I will not give up because I know that I was meant to be an entertainer. This time it will not be for the sake of becoming famous, or wealthy, it will be so that my soul will be fed. It will be as an example to my children of what God can do with a life surrendered to Him. It will be for the glory of God. I have never felt so free in my life to be that which He made me. I know that the "end" result is in His hands, a much better place than under my control. I will continue to pray to enjoy the journey because I know the destination will be amazing.  God tells me He is "able to do far abundantly beyond all that I can ask or imagine; according to the power that is at work within me. " (Ephesians 3:20)