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Welcome! I document my adventures in faith and everything that I love! From beauty, style, travel, food, relationships, to interior decor!  I hope you leave here inspired and knowing your enough just as you are! xo, Libier  

Metallic Shoes, Fall Layers & Preppy Style

Metallic Shoes, Fall Layers & Preppy Style

Thank you  Aldo  for gifting me these incredible shoes! 

Thank you Aldo for gifting me these incredible shoes! 

Photography by:  Doug Reynolds

Photography by: Doug Reynolds

This is my time of year! I love when the wind hits your cheeks and it's crisp as crisp can be. The air feels like you could do anything and it becomes a place where you feel the change of a season. It feels romantic and I am a sucker for it! 

Here is an outfit that I felt amazing in. I love pairing pieces that have a great conversation with each other. The laid-back ease of this sweater really mixes with the demanding structure of this vintage - high collar shirt. Pairing it with a richly colored skirt such as this burgundy one and adding the flair in the heels made for a delightful conversation. If dressing one's self isn't a work of art, I don't know what is? 

I hope you're inspired to dress your amazing body in what is the outward expression of your very best today. I hope you take inspiration from my blog to go and begin or continue a wonderful journey into discovering your very own personal and unique style! I love you have a great rest of your week! 

Just FIY, there are a lot of changes coming to my blog and my life so I am doing the best that I can to provide you with my very best. I will be announcing the changes soon. They have to do with which days you'll see what content and such! I am hiring an assistant and transitioning towards that has my attention elsewhere. I am also working toward my book launch and that's super exciting but it is also been quite the journey! I had an interview for a podcast today that made me so excited! I have so much love for what I get to do and you my faithful audience that I am just taking a little time to prepare for the year ahead so that I will show up as my best self for you! I know that my #1 goal with this blog is to equip you to be the very best you can be today through style, beauty, and mind, so with that in mind I'm focusing my energy on creating posts and videos that will encourage your life! Thank you for being here it's a true honor to have you in my life! 

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