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How To Organize and Clean Out Your Closet For Maximum Wearability Of Your Clothes

How To Organize and Clean Out Your Closet For Maximum Wearability Of Your Clothes


I had a segment on KCRA the other morning to give tips on how to clean out your closets to maximize the wearability of your clothes! I hope you guys benefit from this and take the opportunity to make your closets a place you love to go to, for your daily outfit inspiration! Love you guys! 

Remember, It's all about
1- Being prepared with bags to throw out stuff and donate. Then take EVERYTHING out of the place you're organizing! 

2.- Inspect EVERY item and follow these guidelines to decide whether to keep or not. Know your LFQ's! 

  • L: LOOK - Does it look so good on you? Do you love it? KEEP IT, if you don't, DONATE IT! If you don't like it now, you won't in two months! 
  • F: FIT - Does it fit you? If it doesn't GIVE IT AWAY. You will not be motivated to gain or lose weight based on keeping the clothes that remind you of who your past. Embrace today, and keep the clothes you fit it and you feel lovely in. You can be any size and still find clothes that flatter your shape. 
  • Q: QUALITY - If it's holy, stained, misshapen, get rid of it! Toss it out and don't think twice about it. 

3.- After you've decided what to keep, put everything back into your closet or drawers in a nice organized manner that works for you. You can organize by color or type of clothes.

  • Get hangers of the same color to create a uniform and aesthetically pleasing space. 
  • Get the correct hanger for the pieces you have, i.e. Skirt hangers, space-saving pant hangers. 
  • Make a home for all that you have in bins, boxes or easily visible baskets so that you can put things back always were they belong and you'll never wonder where something is, unless you didn't put it back, and then that's yo bad! LOL 
  • Keep only season fitting items in your closet, the rest can be put away. 

That's all friends. I hope you're having an amazing week so far! I love you so much have a blessed day! May your days be simple and your closet organized! 

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