How To Style A Boyfriend Blazer

 Photography by  Doug Reynolds

Photography by Doug Reynolds

Good morning amigos! How are you? Oh my word, this has been a great week! I am looking forward to this weekend, I think we might make it up to the snow! I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  

Stripes are a staple piece for your closet. They give way to so many outfit options. You can dress them up, down, all around! I think it's a fun game for me to see how many combos I can come up with. I love that by adding a simple statement necklace, you've got a look! So get funky sister, and see how many looks you can make of your striped shirt! 

Striped Shirt:  (HERE)
Skinny Jeans: similar  steal (HERE)  & splurge (HERE)
Boyfriend Blazer: similar (HERE
Black Fedora Hat: similar (HERE)
Camel Ankle Booties: similar (HERE)

**Remember you don't NEED to have what I do to look beautiful. You probably can do this look with things already from your wardrobe, these are just guidelines to help you find your OWN style that works for you and your budget.

When we were coming home from our Holiday vacation, my five-year-old daughter came down with a very high fever. We had a six-hour drive ahead of us and both my husband and I prayed that we could just make it home. We had all been sick and we were just exhausted from our vacation if you know what I mean. Eager to sleep in our beds, we told Maddy that we were going to drive and she could just fall asleep and we would comfort her once we got home. She dozed in and out of sleep as we drove the six hours back to our house.

I love long drives because they give me a moment to think and talk to my husband. We've had some life-changing conversations on road trips that I hold near and dear to my heart. I've had a pretty crazy couple of years full of personal growth. It has been one ROUGH road, but the best thing that's ever happened to me. Every time I conquer a fear and I find victory, in an otherwise broken area of my life, I rejoice for the toughness of my quest to my personal legend. I feel like sometimes in my weakest moments, God has been a comfort like I have never before experienced and as my daughter woke up from a feverish stupor she said, "Daddy, I'm really really sick, I feel super sick! Are we almost home?" to which my husband replied, "Almost, honey. We have about three hours." To that she said, "Daddy, can we take a shortcut?"  it literally brings me to tears because we knew how awful she was feeling and if we COULD have a shortcut home we would obviously take it. We had her BEST intention in our hearts. I often now feel like I look up to heaven to ask, "Daddy, are we there yet? I'm in pain and this feels really tough, can we take a shortcut?" To which my God answers me, "No, honey, if there was a shortcut, I would have already given it to you. Trust me that no tear or pain will ever be wasted. You will experience double in joy what you have endured in pain. And in the midst of the journey, I'm with you and will NEVER leave you, I'll be here for you . And in the end when you come home our embrace will be glorious." - God