Last Minute Valentines Look, Sans the Red

LOCATION: Sacramento, CA 

It's the day before the V-day and you might find yourself:

A. not wanting to celebrate and you have no outfit mojo, or

B. wanting to puke over pink and red outfits.

This post is for you darling! Not that I am a pink or red hater, but, I do appreciate living outside the box and having a personal style that is timeless and chic!  My hope is that you feel like YOU tomorrow! I love this outfit because I felt so chic and lovely, yet remained edgy with the leather jacket. You do you, boo! If you don't like skirts this outfit is completely doable with some amazing fitting trousers or black fitted jeans!  Here's a post I wrote on my Instagram about using tomorrow as a day to first love, YOU.  Whatever you are up to tomorrow, I hope you know your worth and value! I love you, thank you for being here today! 

o, Libier