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5 Tips To Shop Smart & Spring Lookbook 2017

5 Tips To Shop Smart & Spring Lookbook 2017


Location: Sacramento, California

Hello beauties! I am going through a style revolution! I feel a change coming on. I think figuring out our personal style, is a journey that takes a while, you know?!  But this Spring, I am going to really delve into my two words; Chic and Timeless. My hope is that while I work out the kinks, I can then give you what I learned so you don't have to go through all the difficulty, how's that sound?! 

Knowing your style will empower you. I believe we are all truly seeking the truest most authentic, highest expression of ourselves. 

I am so glad I had CROSSROADS to help me not break the bank when discovering that new style I'm seeking!  I love  they keep clothing color coordinated. I love that a plethora of brands will be there for me under ONE roof, at (sometimes) incredibly inexpensive prices, compared to what it's original price was! And I love that they have a great buying team picking only great quality items!  Sure they've been worn before, but I don't really mind that!  I am learning to save money. To shop wiser and to make very specific decisions about what I bring into my wardrobe. Here are some tips I've learned, the very hard way, for you to be wise with your shopping skills! 


Edit Your Closet: 
Shop your closet. Edit only the pieces you LOVE and fit you. Everything else, consider selling to CROSSROADS, donating or tossing, depending on the condition!

Have Vision:
Create a PINTEREST board for your current personal style. Think of two words that you want to describe you and from those words, pin inspiration of outfits that make you feel joy! Having a vision before you go shopping is crucial to not being overwhelmed at the store or spending too much money on something you won't wear! 

List Every Item Down On Paper:
Make a detailed list of what you actually want to shop from the pictures you pined. Be super descriptive so you don't get distracted when you walk into the store!  Only buy, if it fits you extremely well! If you are unsure at the store, you will certainly not wear it when you bring it home!   i.e. Fabulously fitting, faux leather jacket, in black. 

Look At The Whole Picture:
Consider buying neutral solid pieces that can be interchanged for multiple outfits, one great statement piece, two great bags  (one of a neutral color, other funky color), fun accessories that will elevate your look and can be worn with many outfits, think silver or gold here. One great statement necklace! I always consider the cost per wear of an item! 

Shopping Preparation:

  • The day of your shopping fling, make sure you feel emotionally well. Nothing good comes from shopping to feel better. You'll feel better for a split second, shopping only masks our issues it doesn't solve them. We can be worse off if we accrue debd from emotional shopping (speaking from painful experience)!  
  • Wear clothes that are easily taken on and off. Nothing worse than wearing lace up shoes shopping. Make sure you'll be prepared for the dressing/undressing dance. 
  • Wear great undergarments that will aid you in trying on tops. Nothing worse than shopping with a sports bra for an elegant blouse, (also speaking from painful experience)! 

I hope these tips help you shop like the true champ that you are! Happy "almost" Spring!
Let me know if you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them! I love you! See you Monday with some Inspiration for your week! 

With love and respect,


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