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4 Tips To Help You Transition To Fall Style

4 Tips To Help You Transition To Fall Style

My segment today on Good Day Sacramento! 

Friend, happy Fall to you!! It's still in the 90's here in Sacramento but I will be Fall'ish no matter the weather! I hope you're enjoying some much cooler weather!

I would love to give you some tips to transitioning your style from Summer to Fall in a few steps!

have some tips to help you transition from summer to fall fashion, being realistic to our Sacramento weather. I would love nothing more than to bust out my parka right now but that’s just crazy! 

TIP 1: The first thing I do is get inspired!!! I suggest you have a vision for what you want to wear this fall. Beginning with the end in mind is KEY to not wasting money when shopping for new items.  And when you have a clear idea of what you like to wear, it makes getting dressed and shopping more enjoyable.
Make a tangible vision board, or using Pintrest board, will help you be inspired to what kind style makes you happy.

Then compare the items from that vision board, to what you have in your closet, it is IMPORTANT so you don’t buy what you already have.

Now, let's  make a detailed list of what you need to get so you don’t feel overwhelmed at the store. This helps you not be limited to a certain brand. You can shop at a thrift store, or consignment store or what ever brand you can afford. 

TIP 2: Use accessories. They make ALL the difference. 

I love trading my sandals for closed toed shoes. In particular I love pairing dresses and even shorts with boots. I love to add elements,  such as a stockings or tights to dresses it will instantlytake you from summer to fall. 

Hats slay my life ESPECIALLY in the fall! I love a nice hat. Also light scarfs make an outfit, you can put them around your neck, wrist, or purse! 

TIP 3: Layer friend, LAYER!

Layer your summer dresses. Put a turtleneck under them, or if it’s too hot, you can do a simple tee-shirt. 

Bring in a third layer with vests, jean jackets, army jackets, these can also add to your fall vibes. 

TIP 3: My last tip is to put away all the colors that represent summer and spring to you and keep colors that represent fall and winter to you! That made a huge difference in my life when I went through my entire closet and put away my summer items and left only what I want to wear in the fall. I believe that having LESS in your closet will help you be more inspired and creative in the morning while you’re getting dressed!

XO, Libier   

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