Holiday Outfit Idea | Cast: Gabriella Bea

Hello my beautiful friends! I hope you're having a spectacular Monday morning!  I am sure glad and grateful you are here today. I wanted to give you a little inspiration for a holiday look. No matter what you have to dress up for, here's an outfit that will sure make you feel chic and party ready, while staying super warm and cozy with a blanket scarf!

I've been in love with these shoes since Nordstrom came out with their 2016 Fal catalouge! I even put them on my vision board! I waited and waited and now they are on sale and a lot more affordable! I saved up for them, now I get to enjoy them. Oh, the joys of delayed gratification! That was NOT me 10 years back. I would rack up my credit cards with balances that were sure to keep me awake at night. Nonetheless, I am learning to save, wait patiently (sooooome times not so patiently) and then enjoy the maturity of my buying power! Nothing feels better than self-control, well this blanket scarf does feel pretty soft..... 

SHOES on sale right now. They have two colors! I am in love! 

Listen, make sure you believe how awesome you are. You were made in the image of a mighty God! You were meant for something amazing! Don't you ever give up on knowing yourself a little bit more each day! May you have a wonderful week! 

thank you for visiting me today. May your day be filled with joy and wonder of this thing we call life. May you know that your worth and value is within you, not in the labels that grace your lovely frame. I love you, friend. 

o, Libier