ENDLESS SUMMER 2016 | CAST: Jennifer Lilley

Good morning, family! How are you? Oh my goodness....... It's been so long since my little fingers have typed on this laptop! I thank you for being here today! I am so excited to be back in action. Sometimes you really need to step back and take a nice break from what you do to get re-charged. I am so happy to be here today you have no idea! I hope this bloggydi blog finds you in health and that you are getting into the groove of the end of summer. 

I LOVE buying some things from the men's department. One of which is these white tee shirts. I specifically love them from H&M because they are dirt cheap, they are well structured and they fit great with a little bit of that slight oversized boyfriend look. I hate how white shirts just get all gross at the pits so fast, so my white shirt intake is quite high. When that's the case, I love an inexpensive option I don't feel a thing over when I'm tossing it in the trash a few months from now! 
White Men's Tee Shirt:: (HERE)
High Wasted Pants: (HERE) 
Nude Pumps :  similar (HERE) & (HERE

***Remember you don't NEED to have what I do to look beautiful. You probably can do this look with things already from your wardrobe, these are just guidelines to help you find your OWN style that works for you and your budget.


P.S. This is me without one oz. of eye makeup, all I wore is lipstick today! I am so grateful to my new eyelash extensions from Amazing Lashes Elk Grove for making, my getting ready routine, this morning a FLASH! 

So much has happened in my heart in the past couple of weeks! So much to put on one single posthere. One really, really exciting new thing is, I am writing a book!!!! Much detail of the goodness of God in my life is on it already, I can not wait to share it with you!! God has done some amazing things in our family and I can't wait to share everything with you!

While on vacation, I was watching a documentary with my husband and it was about these surfers that trained most of their career to surf the biggest wave in the world, "The Titans of Maverick's", they are called. It's supposedly about a 50 foot wave. Can you imagine that? Wow.  They asked one of the Titans what it felt like to go under the wave and be tossed around. He said, and I'm totally going off memory here;  When he went under, he didn't know which way was up. That he just fought to get a breath in between the waves until he got away from the crashing and was able to get pulled out. Isn't that what life feels like sometimes? We are hit by catastrophic waves and we are sustained in the chaos until our next breath, then we go back in for some more unknown and feeling like we have no idea which way is up. I believe the only constant in this life, is change.Seasons change, our bodies change, our surroundings change, our school years change. In the midst of the change you feel funky, out of sorts and then comes the breath. That moment when you feel like you've got it together....it's  ever so temporary and then we are back at it again.

I know for me, my saving grace is knowing God is never going to change. He is the only thing that remains stable in times of change. And he calls me to believe him when he tells me that the trials, that big 50 foot me double in joy what ever I endure in pain. (Isaiah 61:7) That THE WAVE ANSWERS TO HIM, IT BELONGS TO HIM. (Psalm 95:4-5) Whatever you're going through, friend. Whatever height wave you're trying to surf or survive right now, God has you in the palm of his hands and he is never going to let you go! (Psalm 139: 5-6) Ever. NEVER. I love you!   

xo, Libier