My New Single Is Out | Worthy

I can not believe this just happened!! I wrote a song in desperation to find and understand my worhty-ness in Christ and as I cried out to him in my own worship I began saying, "How do I receive you? How do I receive something I don't deserve?"  And then it just came to me, the chords and the melody to this beautiful song that God wanted me to share with you! I hope that you enjoy it and it sinks into your soul as it has mine! 

Sometimes it is so hard to understand how magnificent God really is. It's impossible to know ALL of what he has/and is doing in our lives. However, it is possible to live our lives for His glory to shine. One day at a time, choosing to receive him in his fulness and goodness, in spite of how short we fall of it all.
his song is just that for me. The grace to receive his love and the gifts that he wants to give me (us). 

Love // Libier