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How To Shop On A Budget

How To Shop On A Budget

Happy Monday, love! 

I love a bargain! Friends, we don't have to spend ALL our money on looking like big bucks! You can pick things from a garbage pail and if you picked the right stuff, and you'd still look like a million bucks!

I would love nothing more than to inspire and encourage you to not spend unnecessary  money on things that don't satisfy. But instead to be mindful of what you buy and with that here are a couple of tips on going shopping at a second hand store that might just help you with that. This outfit is all from a bargain store of sorts.
Dress form Cross Roads trading Co, Shoes from Nordstrom rack, purse from Article Consignment shop.

Love, you are ALREADY valuable. Nothing you put on yourself will make you more or less valuable than you already are. If you start believing that, you can shop with ease not getting into debt for any of the "things" you think you might need to be valuable. Let's be wise women, okay?!

Here are my tips. 

Tip #1
Be well fed, not tired or having to pee while you shop.  

Tip #3
Get inspiration of what style and looks you'd like to rock. Check out bloggers you enjoy, look at the stores you wish you could afford, even be as cray-cray as printing out the outfits and bring a little "collage of looks" with you shopping. This will help you identify what items you need to put a look together at a fraction of the cost! You might be looking at a JCrew look but you can find some of the items at a second-hand store, I guarantee it. The key is being prepared mentally for what you'd like your look to be!

TIp #2
Bring a list of items you actually need in your closet. The more focused the list, the better! i.e. White dress shirt, interesting pattern dresses, etc....

Tip #3
Take your time in the dressing room and don't bring your kids (if you have any)! Trust me, you won't make the best choice when little Johnny screaming for your phone or a snack! 

Tip #4
The biggest wasters of money are clothes we buy in spite of us not really loving the way we look and feel in them. If I don't absolutely LOVE something, I don't buy it. If I don't know how I'll wear something, or if it's going to be a chore to put it on (like a specialty bra) I just don't get it. I want to be able to love the way I look and feel in the clothes I buy. It starts in the dressing room! 

Tip #5
Be kind to yourself! I would suggest shopping on a day you feel fly. You know those days when you do a double take in the mirror, like, dayyyum, I look good today. Also, say kind things to yourself. about yourself. It goes a long way. Be happy and content with yourself ( I KNOW, easier said than done). Because if we don't start being kind to ourselves, nothing will feel good, nothing will look good,.... I would STAY away from a shopping trip on your period. Just saying... 
I love you, happy second-hand shopping!!! 

xo, Libier

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