How To Use Special Occasion Dresses Multiple Times

Happy Friday to you my beloved friends!! I hope your week turns out to be a win! If you had a week like me, it was one difficult uphill climb and you're tired and feeling in much need of rest and rejuvination. If you had an amazing week, give me a high five! THat's awesome! I know we all go through seasons and not one moemnt is the same so whatever your week looked like, I pray that we would ALL end with a victory! Know that your pain and your difficulties are not in vain! They are preparing you for the next step! Are you ready?! I'm ready! 

Here's the outfit I wore to Easter. I loved reusing a dress that I bought for that ONE occasion and never touched it again. I have qualms with dresses or purchases like that. I want my clothes to be worn, do you know what I mean!? So as I was out shopping for a dress for Easter, I realized girl, go home and reuse something. Get creative. If you keep buying these one timers your closet is going to feel stuffed and not organic!

So I drove home and challenged myself to reuse something I had already worn... I WORE this very dress without anything underneath and a faux fur scarf since we were attending a Christmas party and cold! 






I loved what I did this Easter with the Christmas party dress. Gave it a new look by putting a white shirt underneath!  I saved some money and I loved my outfit! I hope you get inspired to look at some of those older- less used pieces in your closet sometime soon. Wedding season IS upon us, I think I just saved you a million dollars congratulations! Here are some tips to help you reuse those special occasion dresses again! 

  1. Wear different accessories. 
  2. Put a shirt underneath.
  3. Wear a statement coat over them!  

The sky is the limit! 


 Dress: Older style boutique - SImilar One Here: Vince Camuto

Dress: Older style boutique - SImilar One Here: Vince Camuto

 Shoes: Steve Madden

  Shirt : Banana Republic (sold out)  - Similar : Vince Camuto

Shirt: Banana Republic (sold out)  - Similar : Vince Camuto

Have a great weekend, loves! 

Love // Libier