Grey Is A Great Spring Neutral

 Photgraphy by:  Doug Reynolds

Photgraphy by: Doug Reynolds

Hello, gorgeous! 

I hope you've had a wonderful week! Here's a little Spring inspiration for you! I love the structure and chic factor of a well tailored short. Especially one with adorable pockets and a great color such as this gray! To me, gray is one of the best neutral colors that can replace a black or white when you need a break! I also love this gorgeous couture top from Anastasia Kryukova she is a local, Sacramento Designer whom I love and respect. Both of these pieces are hers and are available for sale. You can contact her directly if you are interested! This top is one of a kind and I fell in love with it the second my eyes landed on it. It's so beautiful and comfortable to wear! You know I love me some amazing style WITH comfort now. I'm in a new phase of life where I don't go for uncomfortable pieces anymore regardless of how cute they are! Ain't no body have time for dat! Huh?!

Okay! I will have you know that I will be taking next week off blogging and video creation! I'll be back in action April 17th (God willing!) I hope you have a great weekend and Spring break and Easter! Know you are seen, you have a purpose and you will be all that God created you to be because you are amazing! Don't give up on your dream or on you, babe! You're relentless! Come on now!! 

Love // Libier