Modeling A 1930's Vintage Gown | Film Bridal Photography

April 27th, 2017  

Modeling for Ashley Noelle Edwards, an amazing Film Wedding Photographer. She needed a model to test shoot this gorgeous Vintage gown and I was her gal! I honestly LOVE her work, if I had a wedding coming up she'd be my very 1st pick to shoot it! Doug, you wanna marry me again? Ha!!

Thank you, Ashley, for collaborating with me! For the makeup look and behind the scenes go here

There are a few things in my life that have made me feel not worthy of love and connection. Few things in my life that have shattered my self-worth and confidence. A few things and toxic beliefs about myself that thwarted the way I saw myself and showed up in the world. Those "few" awful things had their grip on my mind, heart, and soul for so long until I met Jesus. The restorer, healer, and lover of my soul.

As I looked at the photos Ashley Took for her Vintage Bridal test shoot, hot tears streamed down my face. I look so beautiful, pure and whole.  For the first time in a long time, I can truly say that I love who I am because God made me in his image. Not to be small and insecure but to reflect HIS beauty and glory.  Like a bride waiting for her groom. Now, I have been married for almost nine years to a wonderful man, but now, Jesus is my first love. When I allow Jesus to fill me, I can allow Doug's love and partnership be a  beautiful overflow and not expect him to make me feel enough. That never worked before. When I put Jesus first, our marriage changed! 

I feel like this is the beginning of my life in freedom from those few things that shoved me into fear and shame. I have believed God at his word when he's said I am made right THROUGH Christ and he remembers my sins no more. (Romans 3:22)I have believed God at his word when he's said that my pain is not in vain. That he WILL give me double in joy what I've endured in pain. (Isaiah 61:7). That's A LOT OF JOY, PEOPLE.  I think one of the best joys the Lord has allowed me to receive is the joy of seeing myself as I really am. As a worthy, valuable, pure and wholesome bride without a spot of shame because of HIS sacrifice for me. That is beautiful! 

God is so wonderful that even the flowers Ashley "happened" to put together for our shoot so "happened" to be my favorite. God delights in blessing you and me as a loving father would!  He is ALWAYS wanting the highest and best for his children. It is our choice whether to believe him or not. I've had so many moments of doubt. Skepticism.  I've had lots of fear. However, through all my mess ups, God has continued to pursue me as his bride. He's overcome my unbelief and continues to blow me away in how intimately he knows my heart. The blessings he pours out are custom tailored to me. That's miraculous nonetheless. And the good news is that I am not "special" he can do it for ANYONE that will believe, even an ounce or a half of an ounce. 

Thank you, God, for making me your bride and pursuing me even through my sin and rebellion. Thank you for showing me what a loving father you are. Thank you for sharing in my pain and allowing me to face my fears head on holding my little hand tightly as we walk through the valleys of life. Thank you for holding me together in my most desperate moments. Thank you for celebrating with me on the victories we've accomplished. Thank you for not letting the wins I receive to become a part of my pride but rather a glorious praise to your Holy Name! Thank you for all the prayers you've already answered and I believe without a doubt that the best is yet to come. Not just for me, father, but for the person reading this post as well. You are a God of abundance which means you have enough for ALL of us! And you can be trusted. Thank you, Jesus for making me new! 


Walking in faith into the next season of my life!


Love // Libier