Little White Dresses and Wide Open Walls


As soon as the heat is turned up, I am running to comfortable and adorable little dresses that will look great but also make me feel like I'm wearing pajamas! The laaaaaast thing you want in the heat is to wear something uncomfortable! Here are my top LWD for this season. The one I am wearing is comfy certified by me since I own it, the others will not have my complete stamp of approval, only because I haven't tried them myself, but I did my very best job to scour the internet looking for what I would buy!

It is a timeless and seasonal piece that will get you through all the events and such without tying you down to buying a bunch of print dresses for different occasions.  If you style a dress like this differently every time you wear it, no one will know you're wearing the same dress! The styling options are endless, so let your imagination soar!!  Here's another way I've styled this dress! 

In art news, can you believe this gorgeous wall!? As Doug and I were looking for a location to shoot this outfit he told me about the Wide Open Walls, "a festival celebrates the relevancy and diversity of street art, and will transform walls and neighborhoods throughout the downtown area and beyond."  WOP page. I was in awe of this gorgeous beautiful teal piece and could it have gone better with my outfit? NO! It wasn't even planned I'll have you know! I am going to find out who the artist is because it's amazing! Thank you for the art Sacramento, the other day as I was walking around an artist, Roy,  let my daughters paint his surf mural on K street! What a fun experience! I don't know how he wasn't petrified that my four-year old was going to turn his masterpiece into hers! Thank you, Roy! Now, we can say our family are professional wall artists! 

Photography by Doug Reynolds

Love // Libier  

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