My Summer Outfit Roundup | Good Bye Summer - Hello Fall

My favorite outfits of the day that didn't make it on the Blog this Summer!

I love the idea of seasons, don't you? You go into one hopeful of the traditions that are built around it. With Fall coming, I am looking forward to days without triple digits. I am looking forward to bundling up a little in the morning and at night. That chill of the night is seriously one of my favorite things in this world. The second my skin is enthralled by a cool breeze, my heart expands to inexplicable joy! But before I get all romantic on Fall and Winter, I have to pay homage to this Summer season, where I was able to find a Summer style. I've never been able to do that since I really prefer Fashion in the cold seasons! I would resort to wearing shorts and a tee in Summer months past!  However, I made a choice to embrace what is.  I will say I embraced the sweat dripping down my armpits while posing for these photos. Don't be fooled, my love. A photo can only say so much!

I miss you guys on social media! How are things? If you're here, I treasure your readership. Please know you are so important to me and I am so grateful to be a tiny part of your day. May you know that you are amazing and I hope these outfits inspire you to find your very own unique personal style that resonates with the amazing human that you are! I love you so much and I am praying that your life would be filled with joy and hope today! That you might know there is nothing you can do to be more lovable or accepted. You already are! There is beauty within you to reveal to all of us! You have amazing potential and purpose! I will see you on Monday! 

Photography by: Doug Reynolds

Love // Libier