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White Shoes \ Bold Coat & My Book Is Published!

White Shoes \ Bold Coat & My Book Is Published!

Photography by: Madelyn 

Photography by: Madelyn 

Hello beloved friends!!! Happy Monday! Happy Spring! Happy Book Launch!! Oh, wait, what?! Yes! My book is finally ready on Amazon! Paperback and Kindle! Praise Jesus, Hallelujah! I am so excited can you tell by the number of exclamation points??? It is a miracle that I completed a book and I am in celebratory mode, for sure! I would love to encourage you with my accomplishment that, one: God can do anything!  And two: His power is greater in our weakness! I know how many times I wanted to give up and he gave me the strength to keep going.

Here is my kickoff outfit for Spring! Can you tell I wanted to incorporate some color!! I am loving the white shoe trend and I am more-so loving the bold color trend and also the floral trend! Ha, so I like every trend, right? No, not necessarily but here's my take on an adorable outfit that can take you to church, a meeting, or a day out on the town! It was super comfortable to wear and really affordable! Plus these Madewell jeans are everything! I mean everything! For a petite girl with curves, these jeans are magic!!! If you're in the market for a great jean, I would encourage you to test out Madewell! They are amazing jeans at a reasonable price. If your budget is tight don't discount the jeans; I suggest going to a second-hand store like Crossroads or a thrift store and just looking for the Madewell label. I would be surprised if you couldn't find any in a months' span of scoping them out! They are so comfortable but they fit well!  I also love this new addition to my handbag collection. I just made a YouTube Video of my collection if you'd like to watch! 

Whatever you are working towards today, I believe you are capable through God to accomplish great things!! Not to add value to yourself but rather so you can discover the treasures God put within you before you were even born! You are worthy and valuable of his love without ever accomplishing a thing, because he is the one who qualifies you! God sent his one and only son so you could live an extraordinary life! Come on somebody give a shout! We are free to be everything God is calling us to do because we have HIM to rely on! 


OUTFIT DETAILS (some things are sold out so I put similar items)

Platinum Blonde & The Jumpsuit Edit

Platinum Blonde & The Jumpsuit Edit

Mustard Yellow & Navy Blue | My Book Is Launching 3.25.18!