Platinum Blonde & The Jumpsuit Edit

 Photography by:  Doug Reynolds

Photography by: Doug Reynolds

Hello, my lovely friends. What is crackin'? How are you?! May you have had an excellent weekend and be ready for this week. Listen you are about to get charged up to start your week the right way! You are not a victim of your circumstances. You are not a mistake. You are not un-seen. You are not un-pursued.

You are wanted, welcome, cherished, beloved and you have a place in your Heavenly Father's HEART AND SOUL! Yes, you have a home in his love!  He is pursuing you like a superhero ready to help you trust in him! Can I get an Amen for a God whose love is relentless and will pursue us even in our mess, even in our sin, even in our doubt and unbelief!   He remains unchanged and completely equipped to pursue you and me until the end of time no matter the cost!  I have know no greater love than the love of Christ and it's for all of us. The misfits, the anxious, the depressed, the addicted, the shame-filled, the broken. He is for us and in us. He will complete a work of healing, love, and restoration beyond your wildest belief and imagination. He loves you in your mess but won't leave you there my love! He gives you the freedom to come to him as you are. What better love than that? I have never known it. I am on fire for Jesus right now! I am still in awe at the level of love and forgiveness that he pours out at us moment by moment leading us into the masterpieces that he died to save. His thoughts about you are more than the grains of sands in the ocean! Look up (Psalm 139:17-18) Pray that for yourself when you feel lonely or unseen, love because our God is not a God of emotion. His love remains even when you don't "feel" him! His word is truth and isn't flip-flopping with our emotions! Our amazing babysitter shared that piece of wisdom this weekend with me and it sent me into tears because I sometimes feel like I've messed up my relationship with God because I can't feel him anymore!! Serena told me that he isn't a God of emotion (not swayed by how we feel) he is a God of truth!! And what his word says, stands!! Thank you, Serena, for your words of encouragement! God is in control through our rollercoaster of emotions and he can be trusted to not fall off his throne! He is trustworthy! He is trustworthy!! it's who he is! He will never let you go no matter how you feel. You might not feel worthy of his love but be sure of this; He gave his life for your ransom that you'd know that- you know- that you'd know: he loves you and he will never stop his love pursuit of you! All he wants is your heart and a relationship with you, dear one, and that is more fulfilling than anything this world can offer. I love you and I bleieve you are amazing jsut the way you are! I thank you for your readership andhope you've been encouraged to go dream big this week! We serve a God who is alive and wlel and there is nothing too big or too small for him. 

Whoa! Okay now to jumpsuits! Ha! Like I even need clothes after that! No, yeap stil need to be clothed out the door. So might as well make it cute right? I am loving the idea of a jumpsuit right now! all kinds of jumpsuits out there and I thoguth I would round up some of my favorites for you! The fun part with these is taht you can layer them with a cute tee shirt or nice blouse to give them different vibes! How do you jumpsuit?! Or do you hate them? Let me know in a comment below!