3 Signs You Need A Break + Pink Blazer For Spring


3 Signs You Need A Break |  (A Time For Self-Care) + Pink Blazer For Spring

Beloved friend. Do you know you are never alone!? Do you know you are precious? Do you know you are beloved and cherished and nothing can come between you and the love of God? You and he cannot be separated. Nothing can come between you and him, not your past. Not your sin. Not your failures. Not for a moment will he leave you. You are never alone. He loves you and will do everything in his power to show you how much you mean to him. He's a gentleman for sure and will never bully you into believing in him, knowing him, loving him or trusting him. But he will ALWAYS pursue your heart and soul becuase you are his little girl. He loves you in a way you can not even imagine. Just as you are right this very minute. Not until you're ready to get your act together. Nt after you're "perfect'. Not after you are done hurting yourself. Not after you lose those pounds. Not after you stop cussing. Not after you stop runnign back to that toxic relationship. RIGHT NOW. You are beloved in this very moment of the present, just as you are. Now, will you open your mind to that hope and his kind of love that can't be earned? Along with being loved just for who you are comes understanding when you need a break to take time for yourself! To take the time to check in with YOU. Not because this is something you hear you should but because you are worthy of taking care of yourself before you can take care of anyone else. Here are three signs that you need a break and have some self-care! I am learning from experience so I offer these to you in love and respect from my own shortcomings! 

1.- If you're eating emotionally: it might be a sign you need to take a break to journal and discover what is really bothering you. Maybe a time to let yourself feel all the feelings you're trying to suppress. Know that with God you can face any fear, disappointment or loss! 

2.- If you're on "edge" with every close person around you: I say this with such tenderness because of girl! I know all about the blow up at your loved ones. I have done it and made sure to repent and ask my husband and little girls for forgiveness. if anything and everything is making you jump and react in anger it might mean that you need to manage your mind and take some time to do something you delight in. Breaking for a minute and taking time to express your feelings whether it is in your art, physical activity, or just doing something that you like to do for fun, can help calm your heart to channel all that energy into a good direction! 

3.- If you're feeling uninspired: This was a huge one for me recently. I felt dry of ideas or inspiration and it was because I was trying to go so hard and for too long with out a real break. Sometimes we think that if we slow down we'll lose out to someone else who can just keep going but that is thinking in lack. when you switch to thoughts to abundance you KNOW God has you and there is plenty for everyone!! And because there is plenty you can rest. God didn't suggest a Sabbath he actually made it a part of the Ten Commandments because it is that important! This sets the tone for your week in trusting that God has you and your dreams/ goals/ plans in his heart and he is excited to give you extra focus and strenght to really hit the ground running after a day of rest! But taking longer breaks is also necessary. The space for your heart and mind actually creates more ideas and inspiration comes when we are in abundance intead of striving!