Modcloth Summer Dress Edit | 2018


If you are a woman who loves dresses, this is the post for you! I am and have always been a fan of a great dress. I remember, picture day, circa 1992 and it was my first time taking pictures in America at a new school and I thought you had to be super fancy. After all, I had just moved from Mexico in July' and to me, America was just fancy all around! My family was not in the position to buy me the dress of my dreams for my 3rd grade picture day, however, my mother took it upon herself to find me "the" dress. She took me to the Thrift store! I remember it like it was yesterday. "The" dress we found was built upon delicate layers of sheer fabric and it had a muted green tone, almost like a sea green. It had the most delicate flower print and on the chest, it had a white lapel with sturdy buttons as details. I was in heaven. I didn't care my mother only paid a few dollars for it, I felt like a million bucks! I walked into my classroom ready for the fanciest of all picture days, only to find most of my classmates in their "regular" clothes. Some even in their sweats. I shrieked in horror thinking, "What's happening? I thought this was Picture Day. A day where you pull out your fanciest of fancies!" little did I know I had just arrived at the land of freedom! But to me, freedom came when I could express what I was feeling inside through the art of an outfit no matter the budget. The label or amount it cost had nothing to do with how rich it felt to have a well-made dress on my little body. Thank God for thrift stores! And thank God that we can always grow into learning how to save money for the items of clothing we do desire. I believe there is a great balance of knowing what your budget is and how to best manage your money! 

To me, there is nothing better than one piece of clothing summing up my whole outfit. FInding the right fit and the material that is most comfortable is so important to me. I love the way a dress makes me feel and If you're in the same boat this post is so fitting! I'm a huge fan of winter and Fall so when Spring and Summer start making their way here, I would always find myself complaining about the season. Mostly it was because I really felt uncomfortable wearing shorts. They are just not my thing! But I challenged myself this season to not be a Summer Hater but rather enjoy every season  God has given me. This lead me to discover that if I just have the right Summer wardrobe, I will find the joy in it even if I am sweating and hot!

I went ahead and took the summer dress shopping off your list! Here are my favorite Summer Dresses from Modcloth a online shop I am in LOVE with!! They have affordable and amazing quality clothes that are so unique and adorable!  I hope you find this post helpful as I delighted in preparing it for you!

Thank you SOOOO MUCH to Modcloth for gifting me these dresses and allowing me to do what I love!