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Decorating For Fall With Z Gallerie |The 2018 Autumn Edit

Decorating For Fall With Z Gallerie |The 2018 Autumn Edit

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I love taking the seasonal nature for decor in my home. Here I paired a great looking pumpkin with a glam candle and it just feels so chic and beautiful to me! I think mixing opposites in design is so fun!

Beloved Friends! I’m here to decorate for Fall with you! This time around the Z Gallerie has collaborated with me to bring you my favorite Fall pieces to decorate my Autumn table. Thank you Z Gallerie for your love and generosity!


When it comes to our table I kept it simple without doing all the chargers and plates because I have a family that regularly sits at our dinning room table and it’s a pain in the patookes to move those every night. So I kept it minimal with the placemats and I rather like it!


I had a gold candle holder Z Gallerie gifted me but I decided to place a little wooden box. The juxtaposition of the wood and the bling in the table runner, candle and napkins & holders made the look a little more lived in. I love this simple look that still gives me those glam vibes! And I’m so sorry but they don’t have these specific napkin holders online! So I’ve linked my second favorites!


I do have two little girls who wanted to be a part of the decoration process. I got the candle holder and haven’t gotten the candles yet, so I let my girls put their “scary” vampire teeth on the candelabra. They thought it was so fun and I have some time to get some candles for it for our Thanksgiving dinner! I love it on the kitchen counter too, it gives a nice focal point and my kids felt they had a part of the decor! Hey, that’s a big deal in their little hearts!


For the center table I still need to find a tray to be a grounding piece for this little bowl, magazines and candle but I thought to still show in you, in-progress!! I love the way this adorable potpourri smells and looks! It was so cool that they had a gray one so complimentary to my home! The flower detail is absolutely delightful!


I brought in the warmth and fuzzies by putting a cozy throw on the furniture ! This one is especially fluffy and oh super comfy and warm!!! Again. My taste is a lot more minimal and I love the clean lines of gray!


And now for a nap. Yes, nap time is also for mammas!

And there you have it friends! A little decorating around here taking place! I’m taking my time! Decorating my home has always been super important to me. No matter how much money I’ve ever had, little or much I’ve always found a way to make my house a home. I believe so much in the power of intentionality and designing a life you love. And I do truly believe this is possible no matter what the budget is. I am now also a believer in not spending the money I don’t have. So, now, I won’t borrow money from credit cards to decorate my home because I know the slippery slope of spending the money I don’t have. It’s fun for a second and then it traps you. I have been in debt and God and my husband have helped me to get out! So my hope is to offer you inspiration and insight but I’m always praying for you that you’d never feel the need to buy if you’re not in the right spot! Know that your sanity is more precious that the things you can have! And I do believe that making your house feel like home can be accomplished no matter the amount of money! I’m’ rooting for you, beloved friend!

When I didn’t have the means to have luxury items, I would go to thrift stores or the 99c store to select some items that brought me joy! Here’s a video I did for Christmas on YouTube from the 99c store that is a great example of decoration on any budget! On the other hand, if you are in a place of financial abundance and can afford a premier product, that’s so great!! I rejoice with you if you’re in a fruitful season! Either way, love, we are enough and we are truly loved and accepted and in the same worth bracket to God in heaven! The joy HE provides is abundant for all of us no matter our situation! Thank you for visiting me today, beloved friend!! How do you like to decorate your home?


Here are my picks from the Z Gallerie!

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