The Best Fall-Wardrobe Anchor Pieces Every Woman Could Use

Photography by:  Doug Reynolds  / Hair by : Victoria @ Cuvee Salon

Photography by: Doug Reynolds / Hair by: Victoria @ Cuvee Salon

My favorite thing in life is being creative! One of the things that came out my upbringing scouring thrift stores to find my kind of outfit was this:  Style has no price tag. You can get creative at whatever price point! I’ve learned how to have style when I didn’t have much and now I’m delighting in curating the best WEARdrobe (as Lindsey Albanese says) and it’s been so much fun shopping for the pieces. I’ve tested out all of these basics for myself and they pass my vouch of approval! The best thing of all is that when you make the right anchor choices for your wardrobe and choose pieces that you can mix and match with other fun things, you'll find the freedom to play with accessories and trendy pieces without having to pay countless dollars for stuff you’ll never wear!

Here are the basic Fall Wardrobe pieces I believe will take you beyond the season! Because there's nothing better than being a good steward of the money God has given us and making wise choices that will impact ourselves and our families! I believe in thinking through your closet needs before buying anything and actually making a plan!

Here are my FAVORITE Fall basics I think every woman could use in their WEARdrobe!

A pair of joggers and a Jean jacket will really elevate your comfy and running errands style! A cute graphic tee is always a good thing to have as well to dress down a tulle skirt or to feel comfy in your joggers! And of course the staple every closet needs! The stripped shirt!

A well structured black skirt and a great fitting black dress! A black cable-knit sweater and a Gray sweater will really get you through any fancy events! The sweaters can be worn over dresses or with jeans, trousers, even the skirt!

A great fitting jean what ever fit you like most! And a pair of black/ white trouser (these are on sale right now)! I love a high-waisted wide leg (really elongates the frame!) or a nicely tapered cut! And a ridiculously comfy black skinny jean!

Basic tee's in black/white/ or any other color you love. I like to have both long sleeve and short. A crisp white button down shirt. And a black camisole.  These are all actual pieces I own and can vouch for their quality and fit!

A great moto jacket in camel or black! I have a couple on the premier side and a few on the save-a-buck side! And a black blazer! These pieces I know will be the topper to any outfit to give it that extra edge!

A statement coat. I love these because the camel one is a great staple, it goes with everything! BUT a fun color can really add that pop of wow you're looking for. Even a print one is a great fit to spruce up any "basic" mix and matches from the top!

Let me know if there’s a basic you’d recommend to me! I’d love to hear from you!