Fall into Winter: Tulle Skirt Outfit


Good morning!! Happy Friday! I hope you can "feel" the singing in my head! I am soooooo excited today. I have all kinds of joyful and excited energy and I wish I could squeeze you right now!! Well, maybe not, I'm freakishly strong when I'm excited.

Did you have a good week? I hope so, if you didn't let's scream into a pillow, ready? Set? Go! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!   There. Next week is yours, babe! Next week is YOURS! Don't let the turkeys get you down! 

Prepp-UP your tulle with a collared shirt under a crew neck sweater! Make sure you pop the collar and the sleeves out to display the color of the shirt. You can also tuck the sweater in just a little on one side. This makes a HUGE difference! 

Grey Crew Neck Sweater: (HERE
Collared Shirt: similar  (HERE)  
Olive Green Tulle Skirt: (HERE
Black Pumps: similar || splurge (HERE)  & steal (HERE
Olive Green Michael Kors Fanny Pack: (HERE

**Remember you don't NEED to have what I do to look beautiful. You probably can do this look with things already from your wardrobe, these are just guidelines to help you find your OWN style that works for you and your budget. 


Hugs! I just send you so many asphyxiating, virtual, international hugs. I just made up a word, let's roll with it! I just love you. Thank you for being the reason I wake up at the crack o' dawn! It's you that inspires me to keep going! You keep going with your dreams and the pursuit of your destiny! We will propel each other to live the lives we were meant to live! I love you, have a good weekend. 

"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You're on your own and you know what you know. And you are the (gal) who'll decide where to go."  -Dr. Seuss

"But the best part is that you're not alone! You have a Heavenly Father who'll guide every step. You'll  not know how, you'll not know when. He'll be there for you in light or in dark, knowing you're loved is what'll make you go far. You have nothing to prove, you have everything to gain, when the game you're playing is to know why you came. To this earth with a purpose, yes you have one of those. Each day you'll move forward an inch on your toes. It'll seem like forever, then you'll look back and remember ALL the wonderful things you've done all together. You'll go far and high, but most of all you'll know why." - Me