Pop of Color


Good morning friends!! It’s me. Don’t recognize me? LOL I am so excited about changing my hair. I have had so much fun being blonde and now would love some lower maintenance in my hair care routine, if you know what I’m talking about, can I get an Amen! It was so hard making the choice I seriously obsessed about it last night. But it's just hair and hair don't care, right?

Tuck in the side of an odd length sweater into your high waisted pants, especially if they have pretty details like these bad boys. Add a pop of unexpected color with your shoes to an all neutral outfit!

High Low Peter Pan Sweater: similar (HERE
Black Leather Jacket: similar  (HERE)  
High Wasted Dress Pants: (HERE
Red Heels: similar (HERE)  ON SALE RIGHT NOW

**Remember you don't NEED to have what I do to look beautiful. You probably can do this look with things already from your wardrobe, these are just guidelines to help you find your OWN style that works for you and your budget. 

It's a shame that we have to experience shame. My entire life, until a year ago, I walked in shame.  I pretty much revolved around two emotions, fear and shame. I had so much fear to be myself so as to not "bother" anyone. I was so afraid of the talent I didn't possess but more afraid of the talent I did. I ran rampant trying to change everything physical about me so as to become perfect because once I had that perfect pair of shoes, or that perfect eye cream. or that perfect hair color, or when I finally weighed the perfect number in pounds (side note, I abhor the word "pounds") I could finally be loved.  I had this sneaking message in my heart and soul that I wasn't lovable as is. That I had to do something to obtain love and affection. 

Fear become my best friend. I always felt afraid to make someone not like me. I didn't have any self-worth or felt valuable in anyway other than sexually. I felt like all I had to bring to the table was my body. Shame clouded my thinking and prevented me from seeing MYSELF clearly. It augmented my ego and pride. In certain circumstances, I felt better than everyone (I think  because I already felt so badly about myself that I had to make others worse to feel better for a minute) but then my pendulum would swing so fiercely in the opposite direction and I would FEEL the worst of anyone on this earth. Those times were scary times of depression so deep I wanted to harm myself, and sometimes I did. It was the only way to see what I felt inwardly. So I cut my lovely arms or legs. Anytime I made a mistake, I FELT LIKE I WAS A MISTAKE. No self worth.

Praise God for the work that he has done in my heart. Libier 2.0 is here. Not perfect by ANY means. But MYSELF in all the right ways whilst embracing all the flaws, Without fear or shame clouding my eyes from seeing the beautiful thing God created when He made me. Libier. Me. He made me and knew me before the beginning of time and He will love me into eternity, ALL of me. I am so grateful for all the work I've put into fighting fear and shame off my core belief system. It has not been easy I'll be quite honest. It has been the fiercest fight of my life, but I finally understand I am WORTH FIGHTING FOR! 

FRIEND, don't let shame cloud YOU from you. You are precious and valuable and worthy of living this life abundantly. Sure you'll make mistakes, doesn't mean you are one. In fact, you were so deliberately made for a purpose that NO ONE WILL EVER BE YOU, EVER. I love you. I love you. I love you. Have a beautiful Wednesday!