How To Layer A Dress Shirt & Life Update


Good morning beloved! Happy Monday to you. I hope you find yourself in joy! My heart is full of it even in the midst of difficult circumstances!  God is holding my family together right now. We put our dog, Comet, down last Wednesday and my mom is in the hospital in critical condition after a week of ups and downs in; faith and bad news and good news than more bad news, God has been my rock.

Our dog had lived an extraordinary life he was my companion even in my darkest moments. I believe I'm writing a piece just on him because I learned so much as I got to live alongside this beautiful soul, my dog Comet was a gentleman! And my mom has pneumonia and is in the hospital in Mexico. I am definitely writing about that as well since God has been so faithful that even in the most painful season he is bringing the healing that was necessary for the heart! Needless to say, I kept thinking whether or not to write about all that is going on in my life or to just post a blog about my outfit. But I don't believe that you come here just for my outfits, I believe you are here because you like the substance I share, so I even though I feel super raw right now and really feel like I have no words of encouragement for you, I pray that you might find encouragement in God. I've never experienced grief like this and I am learning how to navigate it. Not only for myself but as an example to my two children. I want them to know that their pain and grief matters. That they never have to pretend to be "okay". So if you pray, please say a prayer for our family. If you send good thoughts please send some our way. Just keep us in your thoughts and prayers please!

Thank you for visiting my blog. Praying for you and believing God for miracles in your life! 


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