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Fall 2017 Shoe Trends

Fall Shoes! Autumn footwear! Here we go! Where do we even start? I think one of my current favorites right now are the trusted loafers! I used to be a high heel girl, until I became a little mamma to my precious girls and heels aren't always my best friends, you feel me?  The classic essence of the loafer is timeless and it really takes any outfit into a new realm of elegance. I love the versatility of the loafers. You can pair them with skirts and dresses or dress them down for a casual weekend outfit with your favorite jeans and tee-shirt! White shoes are totally trending right now so don't be scared to switch out your black ones for white for an unexpected crispness in your ensemble! I love the idea of adding tights and leggings to skirt and dress outfits, now that a little cooler. Loafers and tights were a match made in Heaven if you ask me.  

So thank you to  Bass Weejun and the Gucci loafer for starting the trend of a lifetime. It's from them that all other loafers have sprung. Originally, the loafer was intended for men at its birth in 1936, however, women caught sight of the comfort and understated ease with which one can "loaf around" in them and began purchasing them in boys sizes!  Later, Bass launched a feminine line fulfilling the demand of the time. Now, loafers with studs, loafers with fur, loafers with bows are seen in magazines worldwide and on the feet of Street Style Queens.  All this to say, the classic loafer is sure to carry us through with style and comfort! 

I found my all-time favorites ranging from budget-friendly to designer pieces. I hope you enjoy my picks! I am so grateful I get to do this, I appreciate your love and support!  

Photography by: Doug Reynolds


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