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4  Halloween Costume Ideas (Super Easy!) Budget Friendly & Trendy

4 Halloween Costume Ideas (Super Easy!) Budget Friendly & Trendy

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Halloween is approaching us, friends. I wanted to give you Trendy and easy Halloween costume ideas that won't break the bank.  Needless to say, I've always been a fan of Crossroads and I've always been a fan of saving a little money, especially on something that happens for one night out of the year! Soooo, I partnered with them to bring you some budget-friendly, yet trendy Halloween costume ideas that will hopefully spark your creativity and your saving savvy! 

I picked up all the pieces for the Halloween ideas from Crossroads at incredible prices! I wanted to show you that the possiblities of costumes are endless because if you have somethign in mind you want to dress up as, you can just pop in the store in see what they have, I kept a special eye out for those "half off" tags! 

I am so excited Halloween is almost here. My family is always down to dress up and go trick or treating! I love my kid's excitement of knocking on stranger's doors for treats, it always makes my heart expand with joy when they get candy and smile back at me like saying, "Ma, why don't we always go to strange homes to get candy?" But let me be honest with you, I am also super excited because it's the one day where I can let my, inner Theatre child, loose and dress as wild or silly as I can possibly muster. I love getting transformed and here are a few of my costumes for my enjoyment (clears throat), I mean your enjoyment. 

Without further ado: I present your Halloween Costume Ideas. 
Model:  Julia Perez

A Formal Apology

Okay, the first outfit is adorable and takes literally no money so long as you have some sort of fancy clothes already in your closet, a ribbon, and a printer.

Clothes: "Fancy"/ "formal"  clothes. 

Supplies:  1. Pearls or fancy costume jewelry. 2. Yarn or Ribbon to tie your sign around your neck. 

1.- Make a sign that reads, "apology" or you can download mine right here

2.- Dress up as formal as you possibly can. Think of suit, tie, prom dress, women's suit, peter pan collar shirt. 

3.- Accessorize with fancy costume jewelry and do your hair and your makeup like you're going to prom. 

BAM! You're a Formal Apology! 


Model: Oksana Ryan

Model: Oksana Ryan

Smartie Pants

I am all about the simple and silly costumes! I laugh like a goober with these simple ones so much. This one is literally the easiest and cutest way to dress up, especially if you are running out of time. 

Clothes:   Jeans you'll want to throw out!  A tee-shirt / sweater, whatever shoes you want to rock! 

Supplies:  1. Smartie's  2. Glue gun or Krazy glue

1.- Make sure you're using jeans that you get for cheap at a second-hand store so you can toss them out after. This one might even be a Thrift Town or Goodwill search so you can spend the least amount of money! 

2.- Super glue or hot glue gun the smarties onto the jeans. Get as creative as you want! Just make sure to not burn yourself or glue your fingers together! 

Do your hair and makeup as natural or as crazy as you want! This is your night and you are indeed a Smartie Pants so you'll know what to do!

P.S. If you send me pictures to , I'll post them on Halloween on the blog!! 


Chic Bank Robber 

How cute is this!? And I don't think it gets comfier than this costume! Black Flats? Yes! Skinny black jeans? Yes! Beanie? Yes. If you're a comfort gal this is the way to go for you!  

Clothes: Black skinny jeans, converse/ black flats, striped black & white shirt, a black beanie. 

Supplies:  1. White bag for loot  2. Sharpie to make a cash money sign 3. Red lipstick 4. Black Face cover up or black sunglasses. 

1.-  Take a white bag or a white pillowcase that you'll be fine throwing out or never showing people again, and write a cash sign on it with a large black sharpie. OR take a box and print out a cash sign and tape it on like our DIYveryY we did here! 

2.- DIY a mask out of black cloth!

Or wear black sunnies, like our chic, Aline, did here! 

Model: Libier 

Model: Libier 

Audrey Hepburn 

Audrey is the quintessential lady of all time. I love her classic beauty in Breakfast At Tiffany's and love the idea of how simple this costume can be! 

Clothes: Black dress, black pumps!  

Supplies:  1. Long cigarette holder or makeup brush like I have here.  2.  Tiny Tiara  3. Long Black Gloves 4.  Black Sunglasses  5. Pearls (lots of pearls)  or fancy jewelry. 

1.-  Put everything together for a classic and timeless Halloween costume! 

You don't always have to have all the pieces to put something together. I didn't get black gloves and I borrowed Julie's daughter's tiara which wasn't the exact one Audrey wore. However, I didn't get into debt for a costume and I used my imagination and creativity! I hope you're inspired to use that brilliant brain of yours to create a Halloween Costume that suits you best! I love you! 


Thank you so much, Crossroads for sponsoring this post.  

Thank you to all my lovely and gorgeous models for your time! 

Don't forget to send me pictures of yourself to in your Halloween costume to be featured on the blog!  

*In love and respect, any costumes that aren't modest or appropriate will not be featured.

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