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Summer Bullet Journal  Refresh | Elevate Your Life + Goals + Intentions

Summer Bullet Journal Refresh | Elevate Your Life + Goals + Intentions


There is nothing I love more than God, myself, my husband and my children; but after that, nothing excites me more than a good bullet journal! hahahaha No, I’m serious! I am a HUGE fan of this amazing way of taking charge of my life. My bullet journal has become a treasured ally in my hopes, dreams and vision for my life. It’s a place that I go to when I need the therapeutic time to doodle without judgement or sketch out a plan for how I want my life to look like. It’s a place where I download my thoughts and if they are toxic, it’s a place where I use my imagination to write out a different story! My past isn’t going to hold me back and I believe neither should yours.

Can you imagine a life of freedom to create anything you desire? The life of intention and peace you feel scared you aren’t worthy of? Something deep inside you thinks maybe because of what you’ve been through or what you’ve done in life makes you unqualified for the life you desire. Well, that’s the good news of Christ. None of us deserve or are worthy of what Jesus gifted us. But here’s the deal, if Jesus died so you and I could be free from our past , and the fear and shame that cripples us, wouldn’t we want to discover what is available to us through FAITH? (Romans 3:22) I’m here to tell you if it’s available for me it’s available for you!! But we must do the work. No one (aside from Jesus) is coming to rescue us. And even then, Jesus is a perfect gentleman. He gifted you free will, and unless you ask him into your mess, he will respect your boundaries. We still have responsibility to do OUR PART in the natural and let him work in the super natural. He is always going to catch us even when we fail so hard we question everything about what we are doing! Somehow, God will relentlessly pursue our hearts and give us courage to keep moving forward!

We need you love, to be all God called you to be! So with the knowledge that no one is coming to force you out of bed. Or force you to make healthy changes in your life. Or force you to dress up to feel energized. Or force you to do your night-time beauty routine. No one is coming to force you to make goals. Or to write out your sorrow so you can process your feelings in a healthy manner. No one is coming to force you to build small great daily habits that will inevitably catapult you to great results. No one is coming, period. “Oh how uplifting you are, Libier” You say! I know! It should be uplifting because we need to stop waiting for someone to come to fix our mess. And we must have the courage to surrender to Jesus and take tinny steps into learning to take full responsibility of our lives. You are the captain! Where your thoughts and words go, there you are! You are already creating the life you have now and if any of it is ready to be left in the dust, through God’s strenght YOU AND ONLY YOU have the power to change! This power you’re searching for outside of yourself is within you and you can’t make any more excuses for your life staying the same if you’re not willing to do the work.

A part of our challenge is our fear of success and our fear of failure. But here’s the deal, you will always be liked or not liked by some one no matter what you do with your life, might as well have faith in God and yourself that you have what it takes to pursue what you are passionate about! Don’t you wonder what value you can leave as a legacy to generations to come? Let’s use our brains and imagination and imagine a life that is centered on child like faith! (Matthew 18:2-4) I believe that taking the time to write out what you desire is so important. I didn’t want to do the work and felt really frustrated that my life wasn’t improving. See we think that our problem is that we don’t have the tools to start. Or that we need more money for certain things, but like my favorite finance guy, Dave Ramsey, says; “You can’t out-earn stupid decisions”. No matter how much money you make, what “level” you are in a job, no matter how much stuff you have or the title that rests on your business card; it will never be enough. Life has a way of always moving the bar higher and you’re left thinking maybe you just need to strive a little more, earn a little more, eat a little more, drink a little more, shop a little more. Those buffers will never satisfy the longing in your heart to know and feel God’s love and to know and feel your own love!!

My bullet journal has been a way for me to discover myself and to journal and process all the feelings I was trying to buffer with my toxic distractions. I’m making a vow to myself that I’m going to die walking WORTHY of the call God died to give me. (Ephesians 4:1) Knowing that there is no need to strive because I already have what God has given me, which is a new life with peace and a purpose. (Philippians 4:7) A part of that purpose is to serve as many people as I can to know and believe in the power of Christ for their lives. A part of my purpose is to encourage and to inspire you to become aware of yourself, to accept all that you are and all that you are not, and in the process of receiving God’s unconditional love, that you would be free to love you!

I know that to inspire you I need to do the work myself. I want you to know I’m not perfect by any means, I don’t have it all together, I struggle with fear and insecurity, but I go anyway! I have faith that God will turn my mess into HIS message! I go anyway because I still believe God can help you through my brokeness because I BELIEVE IN HIM and HIS POWER because he’s given me life and life abundant, in-spite of my shortcomings. (John 10:10) I hope this post inspires you to start a journal of some sort. I know these bullet journals sometimes can be overwhelming, especially if you’re a recovering perfectionist like me. I don’t want to make mistakes my brain says, and I tell it back. “That’s exactly what we’ll do. Lots and lots of them, so we can learn!” Investing time in developing a great relationship with God and yourself will never be a waste of time! So why not have fun while doing it!?

FYI: If you shop these links it will give me a small commission! This supports more valuable content for you to thrive!

Logistically, I’ve linked a few new fun supplies I just-tested out and LOVE!!! These Tombow Dual Brush Pens are sooooooooo good they have double tips and don’t bleed through the pages very much and really leave that water color look on the page!!! ! And I’m loving this Sharpie Pen for all the black details, it’s very nice quality and I feel great when I write, I can even use it to do the modern calligraphy. And we can’t forget Washi tape I got mine at a store but I linked some from Amazon here that is similar. Washi tape is the best! I also linked my favorite bullet journal! I just got the berry color and I am in love.

P.S. now my daughters are super into this as well and yesterday they got their first bullet journals and started on their own journey! It was the one of the most exciting things for them to use their commission from their chores to buy this for themselves and ask me for inspiration and how to spell, “I love June” !

Okay, Libier out! I hope you have a fantastic week! I love you so much and I am so grateful for you! See you soon!

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