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DIY Backyard Chalk Painted Furniture + Outdoor Living

DIY Backyard Chalk Painted Furniture + Outdoor Living


FRIEND! If you have a dream and vision for your backyard to look amazing this Summer, don’t be discouraged by the prices of outdoor furniture! “Wait what, it’s $1000,000000,0000 for this wicker thingy? For the outside of my house?” That was me as my family and I looked for outdoor furniture to refresh our backyard! No need to fret just DIY! If you’re like me and love to get your hands on a little project from time to time let me offer Not Too Shabby’s chalk paint for your “junkie” pieces of your outdoor space that will receive new life thanks to the amazing ease of this paint! Let me tell you something, when a paint is ready to go on without sanding or primer, my ears perk up! Using this paint was delightful. I found it super easy to roll on with a roller for the brick of my back yard! Now when I did the piece below it was a little trickier because it’s such an odd shape but I still loved the way it turned out! I also painted our ugly shed a gorgeous blue color (old violet) and I love the way it looks!!! See my TV SEGMENT HERE!






While I was at Not Too Shabby I picked up some adorable table pieces for my outside dinning table that made it look so chic and with major beachy vibes! Thank you to Not Too Shabby for collaborating on this post with me and gifting us the chalk paint and tableware! I really love it all!!

The dining chairs were old but I spray painted them black to give them a facelift and to save money on chairs. I figured some thing old some things new, that’s how we do!! You know what I’m saying? Save some money honey! That’s why having a vision and a mood board for how you want your space to look FIRST is crucial to saving money. Then and only then you can asses what you already have and what you need to purchase. I always look for ways to give second life to something I already own.


One tip I learned is to create little community spaces throughout the backyard. So I set little hang out pods everywhere depending on what we use the space for. I loved this little lounging and tanning area next to the pool. Setting the space with two chairs an umbrella and some cute lanterns and a cute plant really establishes that little community space!


I got this little stand at Marshalls and filled it with all our outdoor eating supplies! It’s so cute and easily comes down for when the weather is not so good.


I loved the way these curtains made this space look so lux! I am still working on styling this particular space. I just wanted to show you progress over “perfection” so you can know that taking your time on a big project is okay. Not only is it better for your wallet and making wise shopping choices but it also give your space a lived in look if you take some time to find pieces and not just go at it all at once!


In this little area I just pictured Doug and I having s’mores when the girls go down to sleep! It can be his and I’s little hang out spot as our littles go to bed by 8pm for now!

Thank you for stopping by friend! What is your favorite thing abut your backyard or outdoor living space? And what is one thing you would totally like to chalk-paint? lol


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