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Summer Road Trip To Carlsbad, CA | Visiting A Luxury 5 Star Hotel

Summer Road Trip To Carlsbad, CA | Visiting A Luxury 5 Star Hotel

“The heavens declare the glory of God, and they sky above proclaims his handiwork” - Psalms 19:1

“The heavens declare the glory of God, and they sky above proclaims his handiwork” - Psalms 19:1

c/o  Suit  +  Cover Up  from Summersalt

c/o Suit + Cover Up from Summersalt


c/o Park Hyatt Aviara Resort, Golf Club & Spa

I dreamt of traveling when I was young but never thought it would actually become a reality. I didn’t grow up in a wealthy family so I could only dream of ever being able to travel, let alone go visit and experience a luxury hotel. I’ve been that kid that didn’t have health insurance so my mom popped a very painful blister on my leg that had some sort of bug inside; ewww gross, I know! She was so brave to help me since she knew it wasn’t possible to take me to a doctor. I can’t even imagine having to go through something like that with my girls. Here and now, I am so blessed to have doctors that can help my daughters when they are in need! I have a scar from this on the side of my knee and every-time I look at it, I picture the grace of God upon my family. It’s been a little while since I’ve felt poor. Mainly because I felt rich the moment God became first in my life. When I accepted Jesus, I knew I had won the lottery. So please know that where-ever you are in the spectrum of finances, I get you. I’ve had little and now I believe to have abundance! However, to me, nothing is more satisfying than knowing Jesus as my soul’s savior and best friend. God has given me the ability to transform my mindset from rags to riches, but it. has. been. a. jouuuuuurney. honey! I’ve learned that wealth has to start inside of me. And even then, as I’ve been able to enjoy “things”- I can tell you nothing you can buy will ever fill those painful, hollow places. Only God can do that!

There are still shreds of guilt over posting this blog because I know some out there can’t afford luxury right now, and I know how that feels. But if I can learn how to manage God’s money ANYONE can learn! I’ve learned to have faith (believe), ask for what I need, to work diligently without giving up, and when I receive any money; to give, save and spend wisely and within my means. When the guilt from reaping the harvest over-takes me, I remind myself what I prayed four years ago as I started this blogging and creative entrepreneur journey; I prayed God would use me for his glory! That he’d use my mess and brokeness to give hope to others! So if I can be a token of hope and inspiration for you to learn to trust God. To learn to live within your means and save up for the important things in life. To believe that God has so much for you that belongs JUST to you. That you can switch from an orphan spirit to a child of God spirit that believes in abundance rather than scarcity . I prayed to become an agent of change in my community and a beacon of hope for all my Latino friends trying to make ends meet. So I’ll be that. No judgement. No shreds of insecurity or guilt from the abundance God has showered on me and my family. For if he can do it through me, he can do it through anyone. I’m not special, I just became desperate for God and in the process he’s blown my little Mexican mind as to what he can do! There’s hope for all of us.

For me to set foot on a property of this caliber was a miracle. God is still in the business of miracles and of showing his glory to those who ask! I believe God will always provide more than we can possibly imagine and when I prayed that my family could experience traveling, I had no idea God would blow our minds they way he has. I can still picture the picture of Tulum I pinned on my vision board a few years ago, well this ain’t Tulum, but it was Carlsbad, California and it was delightful! And God doesn’t just bless some, he says “you have not because you ask not.” - James 4: 2-I read that one day and I just started asking and praying away allowing my Heavenly Father to edit my faith-filled and excited prayers! I started asking for photoshoots and brands wanting to work with me. I started asking for traveling and financial peace. I started asking for me to feel content and yet still have a childlike faith to ask him for the desires in my heart as I would a daddy who delights in hearing his little girl.

I have realized God’s promises never break, he even gave us a DOUBLE RAINBOW over this weekend. Nothing beat that vibrant stamp of God’s goodness over us, not one person could take their eyes away. His glory for all to see! He is faithful! What he whispered into my soul about what was possible for my life was true. My whole family got the opportunity to stay at Park Hyatt Aviara Resort, a gorgeous place where the people made our stay feel like a super-bouyee-home-away-from-home! It was graciously gifted to us by the Park Hyatt Aviara allowing us to spend a few complimentary days at their amazing five start resort! We are so grateful and honored to review their property and share with you our experience and how we enjoyed their five star resort!

I am delighted to tell you all about it and share with you what we did and how we prepared and packed for it!

Our girls are almost 9 and 6 so they are becoming quite competent during long road trips. We prepared a few games for them to play in the car, selected a few good books and loads of movies to keep them occupied. We also packed peanut butter, bread, fruit and lots of healthy snacks that they could help themselves to in the back seat. I can remember when they were super little how taxing it was to sit in the passenger’s seat having to help them with eeeerything! I’m so grateful they have learned to take responsibility for their own needs! Most of them anyway.

When we packed, we knew we’d be spending a lot of time near the water so I made sure we brought a ton of swim suits and appropriate shoes. We bought our favorite toothbrushes from quip, they make it easy to travel and keep our smile squeaky clean! I packed my favorite beauty essentials and lots and lots of sunscreen and lip balm. Anyone else a fan of lip balm?! I think I had 29 packed in different pockets! Also packed a good selection of swim suits! I love these swim suits from Summersalt they are so classy and cute! What I loved the most what their cover ups, they sent me two one in white and one in black! Both made it into my bag! Then I just brought all my favorite summer clothes that felt like a good mix of lounge and classic. I was extremely pleased with my new summer wide-brim PACKABLE straw hat from J.Crew! I loved how it looks on and that I can pack it with no fear of it losing it’s shape!

My favorite tip for packing for trips is to give myself a color mood and pack around that, that way I can mix and match pieces and I have options!

When we arrived at the Park Hyatt Aviara Resort my jaw dropped. I could not believe the gorgeousness of the property itself. It’s seated on over 200 acres of gorgeous green plush palm trees and plants I had never had the pleasure of seeing before. One was so gorgeous I squealed of delight! The white building and black accents reminded me of extreme, beach-chic vibes! My favorite place was in their lobby, a grand room that gives way to an outside patio with two amazing fire pits and a piano I wish I could’ve played on! My children had so much fun in their “Family Friendly” pool. No kids for you? Well, do not fret, if you’re scared a kid will poop in the pool, they do have an adult only gorgeous pool you can sit at peacefully! Back to those with little kiddos, you can enjoy the sand play ground right by the pool, it’s super cute and I wish my little girls had played a little there but they were too mesmerized by the gigantic screen that played Sing while they swam! And I was mesmerized by the deliciousness of my virgin margarita and pina colada I was able to enjoy while I sunbathed and ordered from the outdoor kitchen!

The property itself is gorgeous, the beach close by is beautiful. The fact that you literally can just book a summer road trip weekend there and never leave the resort is fantastic. But if you want to leave, you can take a scenic drive to San Diego to explore its world-famous zoo and Balboa Park. Or visit LEGOLAND, located just ten minutes from the resort. You can hit up Disneyland which is 45 minutes away. Or you can find something amazing and fun without leaving…. ever— like tennis, board games, swimming, and golf. I recently had my first, golf cart driving experience, I ended up getting lost and my six year old was the one who realized we where going the wrong way. After swallowing my pride and turning around, we got back on course and pulled into the club house, and she yells, “Mom got lost! Mom got lost!!” Pfffsh! “Whatever, i meant to get lost! “ That was a fun day!! I had a great time learning how to hit a golf ball with my family!

They have an epic, no-quarters-needed, game room including arcade games, pool and air hockey! There is so many great restaurants to enjoy and on some nights you can enjoy live music! Some amenities we enjoyed were the turn down service, and complimentary laundry service for my workout clothes, which I totally needed since I worked out in their gigantic gym! I also enjoyed a lot of coffee at their coffee shop and market store. as well as a delicious cold pressed juice called, “the detox”. At the end of our stay, I felt truly refreshed and was told I had the “Aviara Glow”I think it was thanks to my complimentary facial, which was extremely relaxing! The spa here is unreal. If for anything at all, I’ll be back just to have a spa weekend and really enjoy the spa services to the fullest! They have snacks for you, fancy water and tea and you can enjoy the sauna and private jacuzzi and locker room as long as you need! All these things are super incredible but what I loved most about the Park Hyatt Aviara Resort where it’s people. I don’t know they motivate their staff because they are some of the most committed, joyful, helpful human beings I’ve ever encountered. It was every person we encountered that made our stay so welcoming and luxurious.

If you’re looking for a luxury-beachy resort to enjoy your time in, I highly recommend this gorgeous property! I think you’ll love and feel super relaxed and rejuvenated by the experience! Their aim is of health and wholeness for your stay!

We were so blessed to be able to stay with them and we hope to go back very soon! For some real live action of our stay check out my Instagram Highlights Under Adventures to see how we enjoyed this magnificent place!

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