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7 Things I've Learned From Being A Fashion & Faith Blogger

7 Things I've Learned From Being A Fashion & Faith Blogger

Photography by:  Doug Reynolds

Photography by: Doug Reynolds

Happy Monday to you my loves! How are you? I am in a great mood!! I hope you have faith and hope that this week is going to be amazing! I believe that we are the energy of our thoughts so I'm learning in hardship to have hope for better days and to put my trust in God. I'm sending you all my positive vibes and I know you're going to feel them because I'm jacked right now! I woke up at 5 am this morning and sat at the feet of Jesus and just allowed him to fill my empty cup! I cried and told him all of my worries and left them at his feet and I received his peace and his blessing to start my day off with his unconditional love! He loves you with this love too, my friend! May you feel it in your bones right now! 

Here are 7 things I've learned being a fashion and faith blogger! I hope these insights are helpful in your quest to whatever life has for you!  I've learned a lot and it is my greatest joy to share these with you! Let me know in a comment below which one you resonate with most! I'd love to hear from you! 

1.- The grass is (in fact) not greener on the other side | I know this for sure now!   

Okay, this is sooooo cliche, right? But how many of us are still trapped by a thought that runs such as these: " If I get "that"I'll be happy. If I accomplish "this" I'll finally feel worthy. If I get them to like/love me I'll feel like I fit in. If I make beaucoup bucks I'll finally feel safe."  NOPE! If you can't choose to be enough for yourself today with what you presently have and are, nothing in this life will fill you. The "happiness" line is tricky and will pull itself away from you each time you think you've almost made it. I've learned that to be content in my life I need to chose that for myself every day as I wake up! Exterior "things" can not make me feel anything! Trust me I've tried and I've been fortunate enough to walk in abundance of things and dreams come true. Nothing fills like the love of God. You are enough today just as you are, my beloved friend. What a great feeling right!?

2.- Be your own cheerleader

No one will be able to be your best cheerleader except for God and yourself. You have to become your very own cheer coach! Sometimes the people in your life will actually discourage you rather than encourage you because they are afraid you might fail and they don't want to see you suffer. So if you know why you are doing what you are doing you must cheer yourself on yourself and know that it is enough for you to have your own back, No one else knows the vision and dreams that God put within you but yourself and you have to believe in them with all your heart! They are in there for a reason! I always submit my plans and dreams to God and let his word (the bible) lead my footsteps. 

3.- Suffering is a great part of the journey! 

Hardship and challenges make us better if we let them! I have learned to get excited as I face challenges because what is on the other side of a challenge or difficult season is nothing shy of a miracle. It might be a heart transformation miracle or a physical miracle but something good ALWAYS COMES after a period of suffering! Don't shy away from these precious moments that drive you deeper into the heart of God. He is the best Papa comforter so if you're in pain his word is like honeycomb for the soul! 

4.-  Fail as much as you possibly can!

Kids show us a great example of resilience in learning. They don't stop when they fail, they keep moving forward without making the failure a personal attack. Failing doesn't mean you are a failure it actually means you are amazing because you're going outside of your comfort zone and you're making mistakes and failing as you are learning! Move forward failing up! 

5.- You can always learn more! 

We can always learn more and our skills aren't stationary. If you love to do something but you lack skill, get on with practicing a bit each day. Little micro-victories turn into HUGE progress when the effort has been compounded! Anyone can be a critic but they can't stop you from dreaming and practicing your skills! I want to learn until the day I die! 

6.-  People are here to help you not to harm you. 

Relationship is crucial to our development. If you're scared of relationship, ask yourself this: If you lived in a room all by yourself your entire life and you never got hurt by anyone would that be living?  Our human experience is both love and pain. We exist to experience both because we are shaped by both. If we take all experience from our relationships as a learning opportunity and let our pain guide us to knowing ourselves better, we are free to have relationships without needing them to say our worth. Jesus is our worth and that could NEVER be taken from us. The opinions of others are just that. Their opinion of you, based on how they feel about themselves! If someone is in a bad mood I guarantee you they will have a different opinion of you that day than when they are in the greatest of moods. So my friend, learn to embrace our humanity and let people shape your character by allowing both disappointment and love to flow free. The love wouldn't feel as sweet without disappointment. I am not suggesting allowing someone to mistreat you. Just to be clear. If you're being mistreated you must create healthy boundaries and ask God for help, "his word is a lamp unto your feet, and a light unto your path. (Psalm 119: 105)" 

7.- God's love is unconditional. 

I believe we have a great opportunity to live extraordinary lives in Christ! He died so that you and I would enjoy a new self and that means living life in a way that is in line with being sons and daughters of a KING!  God has been pressing the message into my heart right now that he just loves me. He'd love me if I never accomplished a thing in my life. He'd love me if I was still addicted to alcohol. He'd love me if I didn't make my bed. He loves me when I make mistakes. He loves without condition. There is literally nothing that can separate us from the love of God. However, he desires for us to discover treasure within ourselves. He is like an amazing artist always delighting in making another gorgeous stroke on the canvas of our hearts so we'll resemble Jesus more and more. Brilliantly shining HIS glory through our see-through vessels that point to a God of creation that is exactly who he says that he is! A king of all Kings, Lord of all Lords. So if you and I were made in the image of this magnificent God we are to reflect little pieces of him. Not to boast and to make it our glory but to share the good news with others that they too can be brilliant because he JUST LOVES. 

Thank you for reading. I love you so much! You are amazing and awesome. I pray you have a beautiful week! If you liked this post share it with someone who might need this message! 



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