The Ultimate Spring Tee-Shirt Edit & Favorite Jeans

Photography by:  Doug Reynolds

Photography by: Doug Reynolds

My Spring Favorite Tee's, Bamboo Bag & My Favorite Jeans

Beloved friends!! How are you this week!? I hope you had a joyful weekend! I did! I'm really learning about being content and satisfied with what I have! And the freedom and abundance of living in the present moment! It's been so helpful to the anxiety I feel sometimes to refuse to live in the future. It requires a lot of mental energy to continuously put myself in the present moment. However, it's been so helpful to my mental health. Not dwelling on the past and becoming depressed or fearing the future (without God) and experiencing anxiety! The present is where it's at, ya'll! I have found that if we are living in the present, God always provides his supernatural peace that surpasses ALL our understanding (look up Philippians 4:7) no matter what circumstances come our way! And he equips us for whatever battle we are facing and gives us the strength to fight at that moment! So whatever battle you're facing today, know you are not alone! He has you by the right hand! 

Being in the present right now means dressing for Spring time! I am delighted at the change of the weather. It's invited lots of walks and being outdoors for our family. It's been nice to get outside! With spring, I've cleaned out my closet and have prepared my wardrobe for the season. I have noticed that I love being comfy and cute at the same time and this is made possible by having some great anchoring pieces that I can wear millions of ways, like these jeans that feel great but also look good and suit my specific body type. I also love having cute tee-shirts that I can layer on top! I feel like these two staples are a key element to my Spring looks!

I rounded up some cute tee shirts that I thought you might enjoy if you're in the hunt! I want to tell you about my favorite brand of jeans right now! Madewell! Oh my goodness! They are so comfortable and worth saving up for a pair because they will be the go-to jeans that you might even want to pull out of your dirty hamper! No, I haven't done that. Don't look at me like that! I wash my clothes! LOL  But seriously. I feel like when you find great staples that are anchoring your wardrobe, you can confidently go into your closet knowing you have pieces that both suit your body and are going to support your lifestyle! I hope this post has been helpful to you and if it has please consider sharing it with your bestie! I love you, friend! You are in my heart and in my prayers! See you next week! 


Don't forget my book, Through The Wilderness, is available on Amazon now if you're thinking of getting a copy for you or someone you know that needs a little hope in a difficult season of life! My story is an offering for you to sort out your own doubt and fears. An offering to show you with my life that you are normal for having pain and questions about your life and where you've ended up. More than anything, it's to encourage you in hope that God is bigger than we could've ever dreamed! I love you! Have a great week!