Fall Trends 2017 (It's All About That Red) | The Dress Edit

 Photography by:  Doug Reynolds

Photography by: Doug Reynolds

When I think of two elements that make my heart race with excitement, it definitely has to be lace and the color red! I've been a fan of this hue my whole life. I've gravitated to red lips more than times than I can remember. I've had red as my "pop" of color without it even being a thought. It's always been a color that has brought me major joy. And it's with great delight that I share it's one of the hottest trends this Fall 2017. I was stunned to realize that although red is one of my favorite colors I had nothing red in clothing items. I have every red lipstick known to man, slight exaggeration to make my point. I have red shoes and a red bag. However, I didn't have any red clothing items. I am now on the hunt myself for a few pieces here and there.  I've rounded up my favorite red dresses at high and low price points for you in case a red dress is something you're looking for!

Red Dresses 2017 

I hope you have an amazing day. Thank you so much for visiting me. What's your favorite Fall trend you've seen?